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Your Heart, My Hands: Cardiac surgeon Arun Singh’s memoir details an engrossing immigrant saga of struggles and successes – in life and in the OR

So begins the remarkable story of notable Rhode Island cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Arun Singh. It is perhaps many stories, a tale of overcoming physical and learning disabilities, the quintessential immigrant’s saga of struggle for success in America, and ultimately a love story – the tough love of a mother for her son, the love and support of a wife for her husband and the love of a physician for his craft and for his patients.

Arun was born in 1944, in Darbhanga, in northeast India, during the tumultuous era leading up to the partition of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. He was a curious and rambunctious youth whose “most notable childhood talents included a penchant for hopping trains, flying kites and generally getting into mischief.”

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An Immigrant and an optimist in the American experiment

People who read my book, Your Heart, My Hands, or hear me on podcasts, radio, and TV are touched by my story, and they often ask me, as an immigrant, after what you have gone through, do you feel that America is a racist country? A Time to Close is my personal answer to this question.

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